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  • Increase Weights
  • Update Lease- Change Carrier Responsible for Safety
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Do I need IRP ?

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Question Answer Answer
Are you hauling over 26,000 pounds (this includes truck, trailer, and load)?
Are you travelling to more than one state (travelling INTERstate) with this load?
Is your business (or base of operations) physically located in Kentucky?

Yes to all three questions

You must register for an IRP account with Kentucky.

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Yes to 1 & 2, but not 3

You must contact your base state.

 Contact Your Base State

 Exceptions: Two (2) of the most common exceptions, and therefore the only two (2) being addressed on this site, are:


  1. If you are Farm-Plated and you are hauling YOUR OWN GOODS from state-to-state (interstate), you will not need IRP. If you begin hauling for someone else, however, you will need IRP.
  2. If you are hauling (truck, trailer, and load) EXACTLY 26,000 pounds and your load is picked up in one state and dropped in another (interstate), you will not need IRP.


 Note: If you are hauling 26,001 interstate you are in violation of this exemption and must register for IRP in your base state.
Trip Permits are available and recommended for individuals travelling to, or through, Kentucky with an IRP-sized load but do not envision such a trip occurring​ more than a few times throughout the calendar year.