Kentucky Weight Distance (KYU) E-File

Kentucky Weight Distance (KYU) Electronic Filing

  • This wizard will register you in the KYU E-File Application Registration for the KYU E-File Application 
    Not to be used for applying for a KYU license.
  • This wizard allows you to print the completed tax return, and we encourage you to print your return for your records.
    You are not required to mail the completed tax form.
  • This wizard will process your KYU tax return online.  
  • Payments can be made electronically with credit card or check (If the payment Voucher is selected then you're only required to send in the system generated voucher with your payment.)​
  • The Kentucky Weight Distance (KYU) is a weight distance tax as prescribed by KRS 138.660 (3).​
 Note: If carriers need to amend taxes for KYU they will need to contact the Division of Motor Carriers to do so.


A bond is required on any license holder that meets the requirements set forth KRS 138.670 (1), or violates any provision of KRS 138.655 to 138.725. The required form(s) can be found in the Forms Library​​​​​

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