Confident Kentucky 
Kentucky is making significant improvements to increase the security of the identity credential you rely on most. In 2019, all Kentucky credentials (driver’s licenses, permits and personal IDs) will have new security features, arrive in the mail 5-10 business days after residents apply at their local Circuit Court Clerk’s office, will be moving to an eight-year lifespan and have new pricing. All credentials will be available in one of two versions: a new standard credential or a new Voluntary Travel ID credential. Voluntary Travel ID versions have all the benefits of a standard credential plus they are federally accepted to board U.S. domestic flights and access restricted federal facilities once REAL ID enforcement begins nationwide on October 1, 2020. Current credential holders who do not want a Voluntary Travel ID do not need to renew their credential until they are within six months of the card's expiration date. Choose from the menu below to learn more.

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