Confident Kentucky
Be confident you’ll arrive prepared to request your next credential by using the IDocument Guide interactive tool. Answer a few short questions to create a personalized list of documents you can bring to your local Circuit Court Clerk’s office when you apply. New licenses, permits and IDs will be available statewide in summer 2019 following a phased statewide rollout.


You've determined which documents you need for your credential. Please bring the documents listed below to a Circuit Court Clerk’s office in your county of residence.
What is your present citizenship status?
What type of credential are you seeking?
Select the following that may apply to you. If none apply, click next:
Select the documentation that you possess. Required items for the credential you've selected will be identified.
Proof of Identity(Choose 1)
Proof of Social Security(Choose 1)
Proof of Residency (Choose 1)(Choose 2)
 Note: Proof of Residency documents may be in the name of the applicant's spouse or legal guardian. A marriage certificate or legal guardian form will need to be presented.
Is your current full legal name and/or gender the same on all of the following documents?
 Warning: If the name displayed on your Social Security Card or W-2 Wage and Tax Statement is incorrect, you will need to have it updated with the Social Security Administration.
From the list below, select the documents you possess that show a direct link between your name or gender change.
 Important: You are encouraged to use this personalized list to prepare in advance of applying for either type of credential. Issuance of a credential is based on the validity and acceptance of the actual documents presented at the time of the transaction and is not guaranteed with the use of the IDocument Guide.