Confident Kentucky 
Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, Kentuckians will need a Voluntary Travel ID card version or another federally acceptable form of identification to board a commercial flight within the U.S., visit military bases or select federal buildings that require ID (i.e., nuclear power plants, White House). Current Kentucky driver’s licenses, permits and personal IDs will remain valid until the card’s printed expiration date. Applicants may request a Voluntary Travel ID when it’s time to renew their current card, or once the new cards are available in their county of residence if they plan to travel by air domestically or visit restricted federal buildings using a Kentucky license once REAL ID enforcement begins Oct. 1, 2020. Known as REAL ID in many states, Voluntary Travel IDs are REAL ID compliant and are also valid for driving, voting, age-restricted purchases and general identification (like writing a check). The new cards are available to Franklin County and Woodford County residents and will become available statewide this year through a county-by-county rollout once the pilot phase ends. Check the rollout schedule for updates.

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