10Ohio Kentucky Closed to Overweight/Over-Dimensional both directionsPermanentRestriction8s/23 Truck routeGreenup
12702.08-6 Wide Max both directions2/13/1810/31/18No DetourRussell
231MP 0MP 10.0 160,000 lbs Max N & SPermanentRestrictionWN Pkwy to I-65Warren
258.48.88-FT Wide Max E/W9/17/1812/1/18No DetourKenton
4MP 0MP 19.0Local delivery/pickup only on New Circle RdPermanentRestrictionSee NTNFayette
41IndianaKentuckySouth Bound 82,000 Lbs. Max - North Bound 90,000 Lbs. Max (5+ Axles)PermanentRestriction231Henderson
428.09.010-ft wide max both directions1/22/201811/1/2018No DetourBoone
421IndianaKentuckyNo permitted loads both directionsPermanentRestrictionSee NTNTrimble
51Illinois Kentucky12-Ft Wide Max and Legal Weight only both directionsPermanentRestrictionUse I-24Ballard
60West VirginiaKentucky13'7" High / 75' Long / 11'1" Wide / 140,000lbs PermanentRestrictionSee NTNBoyd
62/6816.917.080,000 Lbs Max both directionsPermanent RestrictionNo DetourMason
BG Pkwy0 @ I65Exit-812-FT Wide Max East bound only09/08/201811/15/2018From I65, 245 150 to BG PkwyHardin
EB Pkwy Exit-11Exit-3012-ft Wide Max both directions4/9/188/31/19No DetourChristian
I264Exit-1 Exit-1160,000Lbs Max on West bound ramp to I64 PermanentRestrictionI264 I71 I65Jefferson
I275KY/OH SLKY/OH SL10-Ft Wide, 75-Ft Length, 120,000lbs Max North bound / South bound 120,000l6/11/1812/31/198s/23TOH Restr.
I64MP 1.0 @ I264MP 12.0 @ I264160,000 Lbs. Max both directionsPermanentRestriction231 or I275Jefferson
I64Exit-32Exit-4310-ft Wide Max both directions5/1/1810/31/18I65 south, BG Pkwy 127 to I64 or ReverseShelby
I64Exit-12Exit-1211-Ft Wide Max on the West bound ramp to I2647/15/1811/15/19I265Jefferson
I65IndianaKentucky160,000Lbs Max South bound onlyPermanentRestrictionJefferson
I65Exit-135Exit-135160,000 Lbs. Max both directionsPermanentPermanentFrom I65 North, I264 I71 I65 or Reverse Jefferson
I65Exit-91Exit-8612-Ft Wide Max south bound4/16/1711/30/18From I65, xt91 61 1618 210 55 61 LN Pkwy I65Hardin
I-71OhioKentuckyLegal Weight Only both directionsPermanentRestrictionI-275Kenton
I75Exit-41Exit-7611-Ft Wide Max both directions3/12/179/30/20From I75 NB, 80, 27, ManOWar, to I75 or ReverseRockcastle
MNT PkwyMP 0MP 75.614'8" high East & West boundPermanentRestrictionSee NTN
Mnt PkwyExit-11Exit-3311-Ft Wide Max both directions6/7/1811/1/18No DetourPowell
WK PkwyExit-38Exit-77Both directions 14'9" highPermanentRestrictionSee NTN
WK PkwyExit-77Exit-137Both directions 14'4" highPermanentRestrictionSee NTN
WK Pkwy130.7135.812-Ft Wide Max both directions5/7/1810/31/18From I65, Nat Pkwy 68 68byp 68 to I24 or ReverseHardin
WN PkwyExit-7Exit-7Bridge work over US68..160,000 lbs Max N & SPermanentRestrictionRamp off/on at Exit-7Warren
WN PkwyExit-29Exit-3610-Ft Wide Max both directions8/3/1811/2/18No DetourButler
WN PkwyExit-43Exit-729-Ft Wide Max both directions9/5/1811/5/18Wk Pkwy 231Ohio/Davie