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Permit Holder Responsibility

  • Damage to highway, signs, guardrails, or other public or private property caused by the transportation of the specialized equipment shall be the responsibility of the overweight or over-dimensional permit holder. The overweight or over-dimensional permit holder shall either repair all damage incurred or pay for the repair.
  • An overweight or over-dimensional permit holder shall not cut, trim, remove, or relocate a tree, shrub, guardrail, highway sign, or other object without the written approval of the landowner or the chief district engineer or designee in the district office where the property is physically located.
  • The applicant shall be responsible for providing accurate information and reviewing the permit prior to travel on Kentucky highways.
  • A person who applies for, and accepts, a permit issued under KRS 189.270 is acknowledging that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is not guaranteeing safe passage of vehicles by issuing the permit. A person who applies for, and accepts, a permit issued under this section agrees to measure all clearances of highway structures, both laterally and vertically, prior to passage of the person's vehicles along the Routes specified in the permit. A person who applies for, and accepts, a permit issued under this section is classified as a bare licensee whose duty is to assume sole risk involved in using Kentucky's highways without warranty of accuracy.

General Conditions

  • The Permit holder is not authorized for travel on any highway except those maintained by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.
  • The Permit holder is responsible for measuring all clearances of highway structures both laterally and vertically, along the route prior to passage.
  • The Permittee and their employees assume all risk and are responsible for all damages either direct or indirect to highway surfaces, structures, or property of any kind resulting from operation of a vehicle holding this special permit.
  • The permit is no substitute for any other permit and shall be carried in the motor vehicle providing the power for movement.
  Route Deviation
Each vehicle transporting a load under an overweight or over-dimensional annual or single trip permit shall obtain prior written approval from the Division of Motor Carriers for any deviation from the routes approved by the Transportation Cabinet for the towing vehicle.

Traffic Control

If an overweight or over-dimensional load while crossing a bridge would encroach on any other lane of traffic:
  • All approaching traffic shall be stopped; and all trailing traffic shall be prevented from attempting to pass the overweight or over-dimensional load until the load has cleared the bridge and has moved sufficiently to the right to safely allow following traffic to pass.
  • An overweight or over-dimensional load shall slow the movement of other traffic as little as possible. If traffic backs up behind the load being moved, the escort vehicles and load shall exit the highway if there is sufficient space to do so.
  Weather Conditions
A move of an overweight or over-dimensional load more than twelve (12) feet wide shall not be made on a highway if a wind advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service; or If adverse weather conditions or road conditions would cause these moves to be dangerous.

Holiday Travel

There are no holiday travel restrictions in Kentucky.

Hours of Travel

Travel in Kentucky is allowed 24-7 unless specified otherwise on the permit. However, this DOES NOT APPLY for mobile homes. Mobile homes are allowed daylight hours only Monday through Saturday with no travel permitted on Sunday.

County Restrictions

All permitted loads are restricted from travelling in the following counties between 7am to 9am or 4pm to 6pm Monday through Friday:
  • Boone
  • Campbell
  • Fayette
  • Jefferson
  • Kenton
 Important: An Overweight or Over-Dimensional load originating in Fayette County shall be exempt from rush hour traffic restrictions on Interstate 64 and Interstate 75 in Fayette County and on connecting routes to both interstates up to a distance of three (3) miles from the interstates.