​The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet provides the history record of motor vehicles for the public upon request.

History records of motor vehicles for the public are available upon request. The division can provide copies of transfer documents to clarify issues of:

  • odometer discrepancies
  • transfer dates
  • owner information
  • salvage information
  • signature verifications
  • and/or to correct any errors that may appear on Kentucky titles.

Each request form must be properly completed and include the $3.00 fee. Requests are processed in approximately 3 to 5 business days.

How to Request a Record

  • Title history requests can be obtained by submitting the required form from those listed below to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet:
    • Request for Motor Vehicle and Boat Records (TC96-16A)
    • Request for Personal Information for Motor Vehicle Fuel Theft (TC96-16B)
    • Request by Towing & Storage Companies and by Creditors in Possession (TC96-16T)​

  • Title history request forms can be submitted by mail or can be submitted in the drop-off boxes located at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. 
  • Drop Off boxes are available on the 1st Floor Entrance or 2nd Floor at the One Stop Shop.
  • Applications will be processed within 3 to 5 business days and mailed or emailed to the customer as requested (The form must be completed in its entirety).

 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet 
Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing 
P.O. Box 2014 
FrankfortKY 40622-2014 USA
ATTN: Records Management
 Note: Make payments payable to Kentucky State Treasurer.
Records Request from Towing/Storage Companies
Towing/Storage or Creditors may request any title history record. Request by Towing & Storage Companies (TC96-16T) is required for each records request. 

Records Requests from Government Agencies

Government Agencies may request any title history record. Governmental Agencies' Request for Vehicle Records (TC96-16G) is required for each records request. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicle of Licensing Resource Management at 502-564-1257 for instruction. Request for Personal Information for Motor Vehicle Fuel Theft (TC96-16B)​