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New pricing will be in place to account for the doubled renewal cycle and additional security features of REAL ID credentials​. Non-CDL applicants and those age 21 and over will initially choose between a four-year or eight-year credential. REAL ID CDL credentials will only be available for eight year lifespans. Four-year credentials will be half the cost of an eight-year credential.

Standard credentials will continue to be offered at their existing price (for example, $20 driver’s license).

The cost to replace or update the name and address of a REAL ID credential will be $15.

Current credential holders may request a new license if they are within six months of their card's expiration date. If your expiration date is six months or more after date you apply, you may upgrade to REAL ID for $15. This will allow you to obtain a REAL ID credential that maintains your current credentials expiration date until you are eligible to renew your credential. If you lose your REAL ID, a replacement card is $15 and can be requested at any time without having to present documentation.

 Note: Cash, check and debit/credit cards are accepted for payment. Additional fees apply for use of debit/credit cards.​
 Note: U.S. Passports are acceptable for domestic air travel and access to federal facilities. Visit for a complete list of acceptable alternative credentials.
 Note: Pricing information for non-U.S. citizens is also available.