Vehicle Titling

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A​ title is a legal document establishing a person or business as the legal owner of a vehicle or vessel. When a vehicle/ vessel is sold from one citizen/business to another in Kentucky, the title must be transferred to the new owner within 15 days. All motor vehicles operated upon Kentucky roadways must be titled and registered. Any vehicle owned by a Kentucky resident or primarily operated upon the Commonwealth's roadways may apply for a Kentucky Certificate of Title and Registration at the County Clerk's office in the owner's county of residence or the county where the vehicle is primarily operated.


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Do not use liquid paper/white-out on your title. Do not scratch through or mark out information on the title. Do not erase or mutilate. Provide an affidavit with new information signed and notarized.​

For In-State Vehicles:

​Take the following items​ to your local County Clerk's office to apply for a title:

  • Proof of Kentucky insurance (issue date within 45 days)

  • Kentucky Photo ID

  • Signed over Kentucky title. (signatures must be notarized)

  • If the name listed on your title differs from the name on your I.​D., you must provide an affidavit showing they are the same. A marriage license or divorce decree are good examples.  

For Out-of-State Vehicles:

​Take the following items​ to your local County Clerk's office to apply for a title:

  • Proof of Kentucky Insurance (issue date within 45 days)

  • Kentucky Photo ID

  • Completed TC96-182 form and signed over title. If your state only issues a registration or bill of sale, bring those in place of the signed-over title. (signatures must be notarized)

  • If the name listed on your title differs from the name on your I.D., you must provide an affidavit showing they are the same. A marriage license or divorce decree are good examples.  

Title Lien Statements must be submitted to the County Clerk's office, where the Clerk will process the Title and Registration. The office will return all Title Lien documents and/or payments the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet received to the sender. A County Clerk may request the title from the lien holder. ​



  • ​​​If an individual from another state purchases a Kentucky vehicle and wants to relocate it to their home jurisdiction, they may purchase a transit tag from the Motor Vehicle Licensing Division. Applicants for the transit tag cannot reside in Kentucky. The purchased vehicle cannot be eligible to title/register in our state.

  • The tag costs $5.00 and is valid for fifteen days. The tag can be obtained in Frankfort via mail or in person. Dealers can issue a second temporary tag for not submitting the required paperwork promptly as required for the customer.

  • Transit tags are unavailable for Kentucky citizens to move out-of-state vehicle purchases back to the Commonwealth. The sellers' DMV should provide temporary registration.​


​Take the following items​ to your local County Clerk's office to apply for a duplicate title:

  • ​Form (TC96-182), properly completed, including the owner and vehicle identification sections.

  • Title number OR license plate number

  • $6.00 (U.S.) plus the cost of a notary 

  • Picture ID or driver's license


​You may apply for a speed title at your local County Clerk's office​. You cannot apply for a speed title at the Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing in Frankfort. A speed title allows you to have it mailed to you the following business day. The fee for a speed title is $25.00.

​A speed title cannot be done on the following: Classic vehicles, Boats, Mechanics Lien, Towing & Storage, Affidavit of Ownership or Bill of Sale, Duplicates, Correction, Restored Title, Out-of-Country, Court Order, KY -assigned vehicle identification number, Salvage title from "junk or unrebuildable," or Kit vehicle.

For more information, visit the Rebuilt Page

​This title applies to a vehicle 25 years old or older and not in a roadworthy condition. The vehicle cannot have been previously titled in K.Y. The vehicle can come into Kentucky on an out-of-state title/bill of sale/affidavit of ownership but cannot bear any brands such as salvage, rebuilt water damage, or hail damage. Must also have a sheriff's inspection for VIN verification and ownership documents.​

​After a classic motor vehicle project vehicle has been restored to roadworthy condition, the customer takes the vehicle and the classic project title to the Sheriff's office for an inspection. The vehicle is required to meet the requirements of KRS 189 about vehicle equipment. After passing the K.Y. sheriff's inspection for roadworthy condition, the owner vehicle can apply for a new original certificate of title and registration. Contact your County Clerk's office​.

​For vehicles purchased or titled in a foreign country coming into Kentucky, customs papers and a sheriff's inspection are required, along with proof of insurance and a completed Application For Kentucky Certificate Of Title Or Registration form (TC96-182)​. If the registration document is not in English, translation papers are required from the vehicle manufacturer, OR a certified translator can translate. For questions, contact your County Clerk's office.


​In the sale of a vehicle, the seller must sign the back of the title in the presence of a notary. This will sign over ownership of the vehicle. The buyer takes the signed title, proof of Kentucky Insurance, proof of Identification, and money for fees and applicable taxes to their local County Clerk's office for transfer. Older Titles before 2000 may require a completed TC96-182​ to complete the transfer process.

​You will need to notify your County Clerk's office of the name and state of the new owner. You will need to complete form TC96-3 Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer​ if the vehicle has not been transferred within 15 days. You will also need to return the Kentucky license plate to your Kentucky County Clerk's office. If you were a resident of Kentucky and the vehicle owner on January 1st, you might have property taxes due on that vehicle.  

If you suspect fraudulent title practices by Dealers or Private Sellers within the Commonwealth of Kentucky, please email us


See form TC96-331​​


​Lienholders must follow the transfer process and present an affidavit supporting repossession (TC96-192), an application for the Kentucky Certificate of Title and Registration (TC96-182), and a security agreement (signed by the lien holder and vehicle owner) to the County Clerk's office​ in the county that the lien was filed.

​If, after 45 days, the reasonable or agreed charges for storage or towing of the motor vehicle have not been paid, the motor vehicle may be sold to pay for the charges. The towing company must apply for the title, attempt to notify the current owner via certified mail, run 3 newspaper ads (ads must include vehicle model, make, year, VIN, name, and address of registered owner and name and address of towing or storage facility) and complete TC96-182. See form TC96-159T​​ for further instructions on how to process your request.

​A mechanic's lien will only apply to vehicles that have been in the mechanic's possession, and the reasonable agreed charge for repair has not been paid for at least 30 days. See form TC96-159M​​ for further instructions on how to process your request.


A photo I.D. and title must be presented to the owner's county of residence to update a misspelled name. 

​To update the address, you will need to present a photo I.D. or piece of physical mail (with a current postmark),​ along with the title, to the County Clerk​ of the owner's county of residence.​


​Due to the various issues which could affect a VIN/HIN correction, contact your County Clerk for guidance/explanation. Updates will require a completed Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration (TC96-182 or TC96-184​) and photo I.D.


​Only the seller can disclose the mileage when updating the title. If the title is already printed, the new owner must contact the seller, have them complete an Affidavit of Mileage Correction​ (T.C. 96-322), and have the mileage correction done by the County Clerk in the new owner's county. Photo ID is required. 

​To update a make/model/color/year/etc., a photo I.D. and title must be presented to the County Clerk​ in the owner's county of residence. Speak with the County Clerk for guidance.​

​To remove a co-owner from a Title that does not have a lienholder, both parties must sign the back of the existing title. If one party is unavailable, a Power of Attorney form signed (and notarized) by the absent party is acceptable. The County Clerk​ processes the transfer. 

​​For a brand correction or removal, such as hail damage, salvage, water damage, non-rebuildable, etc., a photo I.D. and title must be presented to the County Clerk​ in the owner's county of residence. Speak with the County Clerk for special guidance.


Contact your County Clerk's office if you have not received your title within 45 days of application.


​See Motor Vehicle Usage Tax. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​