Passenger Vehicle

​​​The Passenger Section handles the processing of vehicles for various different types of intrastate for-hire passenger Certificates. Vehicle types include:​
  • Buses​

  • Transportation Network Company (TNC)

  •  Disabled Person Vehicles

  •  Limousine

  • Taxi​



  • Before applying for intrastate passenger authority, please read the instructions and applications.

  • An insurance carrier authorized to transact business in Kentucky must file a Form E, Uniform Motor Carrier Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Certificate of Insurance with Motor Carriers before submitting an application.  Liability coverage must be in compliance with KRS 281.655.

  • You must have at least one vehicle available before Motor Carriers will grant a certificate. All passenger vehicles require a county clerk-issued plate.​

  • Complete all vehicle inspections by an automotive service technician and all nationwide criminal background checks before submitting the application.  

  • For an approved listing of criminal background check companies Click Here.​​​

​If you have not yet applied for authority to operate as a passenger carrier, you may obtain an application and any necessary forms from the Forms Library Online and through the Division of Motor Carriers at (502) 564-1257.


​1. Transportation Network Company (TNC) complete the following:

2. Taxicab
 Certificate completes the following:

3. Limousine
 Certificate complete the following:

4. Disabled Person’s Vehicle Certificate complete the following:

  • TC 95-594  Disabled Persons Vehicle Authority Application​– Instructions are included.

  •  Vehicles operating under a disabled person’s certificate must be ADA compliant and may not be more than fifteen (15) regular seats. 

  •  Note: Disabled Persons's Vehicles (DPV) must meet specifications set forth by 49 CFR part 38 which requires mobility aid accessibility and an integrated mechanical lift or ramp. If you have questions, please contact Motor Carriers.

5. Charter Bus Certificate complete the following:

  • TC 95-30​8 Charter Bus Authority Application– Instructions are included.

  • To obtain a USDOT number visit FMCSA at

  • If an interstate carrier, authority is not required.  To obtain Interstate Operating Authority, visit FMCSA at

  • International Registration Plan (IRP) will be required for all interstate vehicles with a gross weight over 26,001  lbs. or greater. KY IRP

    • Additional Passenger Documents (only used once a certificate has been granted)


6. Bus Certificate complete the following:


7. Utility Trailer Certificate complete the following: 


8.​ Kentucky Drive-A-Way Certificate Complete the following

​**Consumer Complaint:

Please allow up to 14 business days for the processing of all applications.