Kentucky Weight Distance (KYU)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ KYU is a tax license issued for all carriers ​traveling on Kentucky roadways with a combined license weight greater than 59,999 pounds. The​ tax rate is 0.0285 cents per mile. ​You can also purchase a one-time temporary KYU Permit per truck if you are not making regular trips through the state of Kentucky.​


​You must set up a Kentucky Online Gateway account before applying for a KYU number. If you have issues registering your account, refer to the Kentucky Online Gateway FAQs.​

  • KYU Numbers are issued immediately upon completion of the ONLINE KYU Application.

  • For assistance, view our KYU Registration Guide or send questions to ​​

  • If you are having technical issues processing an Online Application, you can print and mail in a completed Kentucky Trucking Application Form. The paper application can take 10-14 business days to process, and you will only receive a KYU number after processing. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Farm plate​d vehicles are exempt from paying the ​KYU tax.​


  • You must have a registered Kentucky Online Gateway account to file taxes electronically. If you have issues registering, refer to the Kentucky Online Gateway FAQs.

  • The KYU license requires quarterly tax filings regardless of travel for all qualified vehicles through KYU E-File.

    • ​If you did not travel during a quarter, you must file zero miles to avoid penalty, interest, and a revocation fee of $500

  • U​pdate KYU inventory online through the Motor Carrier Portal. All qualified vehicles must be listed to avoid citations.

  • Acceptable payment methods include Credit Card or ACH.

Carriers can use KYU E-File to amend a return to increase reported miles. Contact the Division of Motor Carriers to amend a return to decrease reported miles.​​


for instructions on reinstating an account, click Reinstating an Account PDF.