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House Move Permit

Approval letters from each Highway District and Utility company involved must be uploaded to the Kentucky Overweight/Over-Dimensional Portal. House move permits will not be approved to travel on any Interstate or Parkway in Kentucky. House Moves are required to travel between 12:00am & 5:00am Only.

Metal Commodities Permit

The Metal Commodities permit allows the transportation of divisible or non-divisible metal commodities, not to exceed 120,000 pounds, to or from a facility manufacturing metal commodities in this state or a facility used for storage of metal commodities. Metal Commodities does not include scrap metal. The Metal Commodities permit is available in either Annual or Single Trip. The fee for the Annual permit is $1250.00 and the Single Trip Permit is $100.00. Both permits are Route Specific, the approved routes may be viewed on the Metal Commodities Hauling Network. The Overweight/Over-Dimensional Metal Commodities Permit can be obtained online.

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Annual Feed Permit

The Annual Feed Permit allows the transportation of divisible loads of feed for livestock or poultry, not to exceed 88,000lbs, to a farm or other facility housing livestock or poultry. The fee for the permit is $150.00. This permit is route specific and excludes all Interstates. Approved routes may be viewed on the Annual Feed Permit Hauling Network. The Annual Feed Permit can be obtained online.

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Overweight/Over-Dimensional Annual Permits

Annual permit applications may be submitted through the Kentucky Overweight/Over-Dimensional Portal. All Annual permits are Vehicle specific. The original annual permit must be carried in the power unit at all times. Please allow 10-14 business days for processing.

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Overweight/Over Dimensional Annual Permit Types

  • A01-Non-divisible-less than 14 ft. wide. $250.00 each.

    Maximum dimensions: Width 13-11, Length 120-00, Height 13-06, Weight 160,000 Lbs.

  • A02-Non-divisible-14 ft. to 16 ft. wide. $500.00 each.

    Maximum dimensions: Width 16-00, Length 120-00, Height 13-06, Weight 160,000  Lbs.

  • A03-Farm-less than 14 ft. wide. $80.00 each.

    Maximum dimensions: Width Only 13-11, (All other dimensions and Weight must be legal)

  • A04-Farm-14 ft. to 16 ft. wide.  $150.00 each.

    Max dimensions: Width 16-00, Length 120-00, Height 13-06, Weight 160,000 Lbs. (Dealerships Only)

  • A05-Metal Commodities Permit. $1250.00 each.

    Weight Only: 120,000 Lbs. Divisible or Non-Divisible

  • A06-Non-Divisible Steel-statewide. (routes required) $500.00 each.

    Weight Only: 120,000 Lbs. 

  • A09-Annual Feed Certificate. (routes required) $150.00 each.

    Weight Only: 88,000 Lbs. 

  • A10-Annual Manufactured Home. $1500.00 each.

    Max dimensions: Width 16-00, Length 120-00, Height 15-00, Weight 160,000 Lbs.

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