​​Solid Waste 


  •  Before applying for a license to operate municipal solid waste please read the instructions and application.

     Municipal Solid Waste per KRS 224.01-010  Municipal solid waste is defined as “household solid waste and commercial solid waste”. “Household solid waste means solid waste, including garbage and trash generated by a single and multiple family residences, hotels, motels, bunkhouses, ranger stations, crew quarters, and recreational areas such as picnic areas, park, and campgrounds, but it does not include tire-derived fuel”. Furthermore, “Commercial solid waste’ means all types of solid waste generated by stores, offices, restaurants, warehouses, and other service and non-manufacturing activities, excluding tire-derived fuel and household and industrial solid waste”.

  •  Municipal Solid Waste license holders must obtain liability insurance on each vehicle in which Municipal Solid Waste will be transported in.  Liability coverage must be in compliance with KRS 281.655
  • The application that follows is for municipal solid waste transporters only.
    For other types of solid waste permits, please contact the EEC Division of Waste Management at (502) 564-6716

    Apply for a Municipal Solid Waste License

  • Complete the following Application for License to Operate Municipal Solid Waste Transportation Vehicle(s) for a new license or additional vehicles.  TC 95-18

  • If your company is transporting Municipal Solid Waste from outside of Kentucky into the state, you must provide a “Consent to Service” document with this application.

  • For more information about “Consent to Service”, please see KRS 224.43-380

  • If you need a copy of a blank form, please call (502) 564-1257 or email: qp.dmc@ky.gov

Additional Solid Waste Documents (only used once a license has been issued)
  • To add vehicles to your existing license, you may use the application listed above or the Solid Waste Transporter Vehicle Identification Card Application. TC 95-41

  •   Please allow 5 – 10 business days for the processing of all applications