Kentucky Point System

​​The Kentucky Point System identifies persons that may be habitually negligent drivers. Under the Point System, a driver starts with no points but accumulates points for various offenses. Upon the accumulation of 12 points (7 points if under age eighteen) within a two-year period, a driver's privilege to operate a motor vehicle may be suspended. Individuals are given an opportunity to meet with a hearing officer prior to any possible suspension.

Points assessed under the Kentucky Point System expire two (2) years from the date of conviction. However, the conviction entry remains part of the driver's record for a period of five (5) years from the conviction date.

Upon the accumulation of twelve (12) or more points against a driver age eighteen (18) or older or 7 points against a driver under age 18, the Transportation Cabinet conducts a hearing concerning the driver's privileges to operate a motor vehicle. Failure to appear for the hearing results in a driving suspension for a period of six (6) months for the first such accumulation of twelve (12) points, one (1) year for the second such accumulation of twelve (12) points, and two (2) years for any subsequent accumulation of twelve (12) points within the two (2) year period.

After a hearing, the department may require the driver to be placed on "probation" in lieu of suspension and attend a driver improvement clinic (State Traffic School) approved by the Transportation Cabinet.

Once a driver has been placed on "probation" by the department, he/she shall not be considered for probation again until a lapse of two (2) years from the ending date of any previous probation period granted, whether served or not.​​​​

Notice of the following offenses are sent to the Division of Driver Licensing by the courts:



0 10 mph or less over​ speed limit on limited access highway​

0 ​15 mph or more in CMV (​out-of-state conviction-listed as serious offense only-no points)

3 ​11-15 mph over speed limit on limited access highway

3 15 mph or less over speed limit on any non-limited access highway

3 ​15 mph over ​speed limit in CMV (commercial motor vehicle)

3 ​Stop Violation (electric signal, railroad crossing, stop sign)

3 ​Failure to Yield

3 ​Wrong Way on One-Way Street

3 ​Too Fast for Conditions

3 ​Too Slow for Conditions

3 ​Improper Driving

3 ​Improper Start

3 ​Improper Turn

3 ​Failure to Illuminate Headlights

3 Careless Driving

3 ​Failure to Dim Headlights

3 ​Improper Lane Usage

3 Improper Use Left Lane/Limited Access Highway

3 ​Failure to comply with Instructional Permit Requirements/Regulations

3 ​Failure to yield right-of-way to Funeral Procession

3 ​Any Other Moving Hazardous Violations

3 ​Texting while driving

4 ​Reckless Driving

4 Following Too Closely

4 ​Driving on Wrong Side of Roadway

4 ​Changing Drivers in a Moving Vehicle

4 Vehicle Not Under Control

4 ​Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle

5 ​Improper Passing

6 16-25 mph over speed limit on any road or highway

6 Commission of Moving Hazardous Violation Involving an Accident

6 ​Combination of any Two or More Moving Hazardous Violations in Any One Continuous Occurrence

6 Failure to Stop for School or Church Bus

Hearing-Immediate Suspension Attempting to elude police officer (Effective 07/01/2020)

Hearing-Possible Suspension 26 mph over speed limit on any road or highway

Hearing-Possible Suspension Racing​