KY Medical Review Board Program

​​​​​​​​​​​The Medical Review Board identifies drivers with physical or mental impairments that hamper their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. The Medical Review Board consists of ophthalmologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and rehabilitation specialists. Board members provide medical advice to the Division of Driver Licensing on license applicants and licensees reported to the Board. The authority for the Medical Review Board is found in Kentucky Revised Statute KRS 186.444 and Kentucky Administrative Regulations 601 KAR 13:100 and 601 KAR 13:090.

Seizures, Blackout, Loss of Conscience or Altered Awareness, and Driving

Per KRS 186.411, a license applicant or licensee must be of seizures, blackout, loss of conscience, or an altered state of awareness for 90 days to obtain or maintain driving privileges. To report a driver that has experienced a seizure, blackout, loss of conscience, or an altered state of awareness, submit an affidavit to the Medical Review Board.

Vision Requirements for Driving

In Kentucky, visual requirements for driving require an individual to have visual acuity of at least 20/60 or better in at least one eye, as directed in KRS 186.578. The driver's horizontal field of vision must be at least 35 degrees to both the left and the right, and their vertical field of vision must be at least 25 degrees above and below fixation, as specified in 601 KAR 13:100.

Reporting a Driver

Drivers may be reported to the Medical Review Board for the following reasons.

  • If the driver has indicated that they have experienced a blackout, a loss of consciousness, or suffered a seizure.

  • If the driver has been reported by a physician, Commonwealth Attorney, County Attorney, County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, sheriff, or judge as incapable of driving safely due to a physical or mental condition.

  • If the driver's official record, kept by the Transportation Cabinet, indicates the possibility of physical or mental impairment.

  • If the driver has been named in an affidavit to the Medical Review Board by at least two citizens as incapable of properly operating a motor vehicle due to a physical or mental impairment.

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Once a case for the driver is created, appropriate medical forms will be sent to the driver to be completed by their physician. After the Medical Review Board has received this information, please allow up to ​20 business days for processing. Once the Medical Review Board has reviewed the information, the individual will be notified of the Board's decision by mail.​

     (844) 503-4111​